The Management Team

Stephen J Lu Managing Director
Stephen J Lu
Chief Executive Officer

Abah M Mafolo Administrative Director
Abah M Morena
Administrative Director

Felix Munyakare Financial Manager
Felix Munyakare
Financial Manager

Mr. Neo Mabulu - Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Abah Mofolo - Administration Officer (Director)

Mr. Felis Munyakare - Financial Officer

Mr. Wang Xuexin - Project Manager (Professor Senior Architect Engineer)

Mr. Wu Yuhua - Project Manager (Senior Water-Sewage-Ventilation Engineer)

Mr. Sono W Nyempeni - Operational Manager

Mr. I Izaks - Foreman (General Building)

Mr. Solly P Ndlovu - Project Manager

Mr. Li Zhongyuan - Mechanical Engineer (Professor Senior Engineer)

Mr. Qian Xingzhou - Electric Engineer

Mr. Jin Rencai - Electric Engineer

Leo Han - General Manager of Eastern Cape

Pieter Zerwick - Quantity Surveyor

Quintus Slabber - District Director

Solly Ndlovu - Project Manager

Local ECSA Registered Engineers

Support Staff

staff 2

Mr. Leon Renier Van Wyk - Engineer

Mr. Sarel P Hatzhauzen - Structural Engineer

Mr. S J Wood Architecture - Architecture, Project Manager

Mr. P W Zerwick - Quantity Surveyor

Mr. H A C Meintjes - Engineer

Mr. Daniel Olivier - Engineer, Project Management

Mr. J. Zerwick - Engineer

F E Walker - Engineer

BMC has 8 fully qualified professionals who are registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa and the South African Council of Quantity Surveyors respectively.

Part of our team of engineers are participating on various contracts being done by BMC, while the rest are standby for new projects we are going to tender on.